Relationships 101: Forbidden Secrets...

Learn How You Can Have Happy, Harmonious, Loving & Sexy Relationships

"The Forbidden Secrets of Love, Sexuality, Happiness and A Evolutionary Psychology Journey On The Male and Female Dynamic"

"You can get the paperback, kindle, audio, or even download the e-book right now."

Relationships 101 Will Help You:

  1. Understand how men and women see relationships and how you can have better relationships by understanding this. 

    The evolutionary psychology and biology reasoning (and evidence) on how the style of relationships we have today has come to be. I take your mind back to 10,000 or so years ago at the beginning of how women were portrayed in relationships and the results of this, in today’s time.
  2. Learn What Motivates Men and Women Sexually

    Understand what happens to a woman’s brain as it relates to “love chemistry” in the context of ‘from childhood to adulthood’ and during the cycles of her month. You’ll finally understand what motivates women to feel aroused and have sex… and what motivates the man to feel aroused and have sex, as they’re different for both genders.
  3. Discover The Truth About Love & Jealousy - and how you can implement it in your relationships

    Understand the definition of “love” and how to get rid of jealousy in your relationships. You’ll learn how this has to do with the development of “ego” and how to fix it.
  4. What An "Open Communication" Relationships Looks Like - and what rules have to be in place for "openness" and candidness to take place and create harmony

    Understand the definition of “love” and how to get rid of jealousy in your relationships. You’ll learn how this has to do with the development of “ego” and how to fix it.
  5. Become More Enlightened Using Simple Metaphors, Analogies, Science & Psychology

    Anecdotes, Metaphors, Reasoning, Evidence, Biology & Psychology to help you really grasp the concepts and never see relationships the same way again.

Adela Gortlerova

Traveler & Teacher

"One of the most significant books in my life"

RJ’s book is definitely one of the most significant books in my life. This book stands out from the flock of books about relationships and love. It has touched me deeper than any other books. I read this book 3 times already and I keep reading it over and over again and every time I find something new or inspirational.

This book stands at the beginning of my journey of understanding how to love unconditionally. I was missing a piece of a puzzle in my life. I was always so confused about relationships – I felt it’s something very unpredictable, unstable or even bizarre. I finally found that missing piece of a puzzle and everything makes a perfect sense. I am finally able to open my eyes and see that such moments are taking place all the time and knowing that these instances of opening to another are unconditional love, when I’m not putting any conditions on things when I simply feel them spontaneously.

I’d recommend this book to everyone who’s consistently looking for the answer what is ruining my relationship, why I feel guilt, shame or unhappy with myself? If you want to be happy, feel good about yourself, have an amazing and happy life, become enlightened and emancipated, this book will be a good companion on your path to the enlightenment.

After reading this book I feel from my heart that I want to help woman to become more emancipated and enlightened. I feel it’s like a big mission in my life. I am on my path to the enlightenment and I want to share my insight with others. I feel I have became an inspiration for people all around the world and I would be more than happy to see more people who can inspire others and spread this important message.

I would love to truly thank you, RJ, for this book, from all my heart. Your work is highly appreciated. Thank you for being so big inspiration for people. Thank you for sharing this message with people. Thank you for being a part of my journey to the enlightenment.

Maria Leon

Yoga Instructor

"We can customize your ideas into our vanilla (chocolate-craving) world..."

I've shared you already with 5 ladies verbally, sending them to your IG page and ideas. I'll buy some hardcover books to give away, just to help their journey like you've helped mine.

We're all mostly married or have been married and believe in monogamous relationships but we can customize your ideas and knowledge to fit into our vanilla (chocolate-craving) world.

Julia Zoppi

Pilates Instructor

"I can't wait to share this with everyone & give them this choice to be truly happy in themselves & their relationships!”

This book was amazing! I’ve been living like this for awhile, not even knowing there were others, boundaries or a “way” of life like this! Rone has opened my eyes to all of this & inspired me to move forward & live for me, reasonably. It all makes so much sense! I can’t wait to share this with everyone & give them this choice to be truly happy in themselves & their relationships! Thank you, Rone, for this indispensable & life saving information!

Rodel Bulaong


“…my girlfriends and I are far more happier and more fulfilled in our relationships.”

I respect the author’s outlook on love and the basis on relationships. The historical facts about the evolution of relationships between men and women piqued my interest.

I assimilated many of the things in this book into my own personal life, and needless to say, My girlfriends and I are far more happier and more fulfilled in our relationships. This isn’t for everyone to live by, but it is for everyone to read so you understand how society has molded our perceptions. And there are many notions in the book that you can include in your relationships to make it a happier one.

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I am so certain that this book will change the way you see, enjoy, and portray your relationships that if for any reason you don't like it, all you have to do is email me at and I will refund you the complete amount and you still keep the book.

Go ahead and get the book now. If you like it, share it with others and let me know what you think!

December 28, 2018


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