Terms and Conditions

Very Important Legal Disclaimer

Please Read (For Your Safety): Tantra bodywork is distinct from conventional massage therapy and does not fall under the same regulatory frameworks that govern licensed massage therapy (LMT).

Tantra bodywork focuses on spiritual, emotional, and sensual healing and is not intended to replace medical treatment or physical therapy provided by a licensed professional. Tantra bodywork sessions are designed to complement overall wellness and personal development through the art of tantra, which is a holistic approach involving energy work, emotional guidance, and conscious touch.

It is important for clients to understand that Jax Solomon is not a licensed massage therapists and therefore do not offer services that require a massage therapy license as per Nevada state regulations. The sessions are strictly therapeutic and educational in nature, aimed at enhancing personal, emotional and spiritual growth, and do not involve any form of medical or therapeutic massage as defined by state law.

I’m committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and discretion, ensuring that all interactions and services provided are respectful, consensual, and in full compliance with the laws of Nevada.

Jax Solomon is not a prostitute or escort. Tantra bodywork may be sensual and energetically healing but not sex work or any form of sexual exchange for pay which violate Nevada laws. Any activities outside of the arranged experience/session are not part of the agreed donation amount and are decisions between consenting adults and is not part of any monetary exchange.

June 5, 2024