A Tantra Massage Experience Las Vegas

Tantra By Jax

Want a wondrously relaxing, sensual full body massage and a life-changing experience?

Tantra by Jax allows you to focus completely on the sensations in your body, increasing your connection with yourself and your lovers.

This amazing, erotic experience is an incredible gift to yourself. You’ll enjoy an erotic, euphoric sensation from head to toe as you’re enjoying the present moment and escaping the life outside of this moment now. Jax Solomon Tantra Massage Las Vegas Preparing your massage table

Elements in Tantra By Jax

Western Tantra💖

A spiritual and non-religious focus on a westernized adoption of tantra that’s been practiced for thousands of years in the East, adopted in the West for only a few decades.


A healing modality that focuses on energy points in the body along with breathing, developed for thousands of years in India.

Reiki Energy⭐

Practiced in Tibet for 2,500 years under a confined temple until it was released by a Japanese monk. This artform seems to generate physical and emotional healing on its receivers.

Sensual Bodywork

Combining slow, sensual strokes along with all the other modalities in Tantra By Jax forms the ultimate relaxation and erotic experience.

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Jax Solomon Tantra Massage Las Vegas Selfie Jax Solomon Tantra Massage Las Vegas Rear Jax Solomon Tantra Massage Las Vegas Cooking In Kitchen
Jax Solomon Tantra Massage Las Vegas Blue Gold Underwear Jax Solomon Tantra Massage Las Vegas Blue Jeans Jax Solomon Tantra Massage Las Vegas Long Hair

About Jax

With the perfect mix of charming wit and confident charm, Jax hopes you’ll find your time together alluring and fun. Skilled in massage, psychology and tantric sexuality, Jax is a fun-loving, fit, world traveler who strives to make every Tantra By Jax experience an absolutely amazing encounter for you.

Born in Asia and raised in a small, rural town in Alaska. Jax joined the military after high school. He left the military while in California and there found his love in adult education and entertainment.

Specializing in relationship consulting, Jax moved to Las Vegas in 2013 and there established a prominent tantra practice in the country.

When not producing content for his education business, you’ll find him working out in the gym to maintain his physique or enjoying a show or movie.

If you’re craving sensual touch and an erotic experience, Jax your man. He’s also equally as happy to relax with you on the beach, toes in the sand or under a warm blanket engrossed in a show or movie.

Jax has a soft, kind, gentle, down to earth nature, and his greatest satisfaction is seeing you smile and knowing that you feel special, important and on top of the world.

Though he lives in Vegas, Jax will accompany you anywhere if travel expenses are paid. Jax has recently traveled to Mexico, Canada, London and Hong Kong.

Jax Solomon Tantra Massage Las Vegas Outcall

Choose From These Modalities 💖

Reiki Tantra By Jax Massage

Fully clothed, Jax gives you slow relaxing strokes working every part of your body with Reiki and Tantra energy-work with conscious sensual touch. A wondrously relaxing and sensual session that optimizes your energy flow, deeply cleansing energy channels in your body. A completely relaxing experience as Jax employs slow and purposeful strokes.

Recommended Tribute: $200/hr

Tantra By Jax In Briefs

Clothed in undergarments of His choice, Jax employs ultra relaxing and sensual strokes. Enjoy Jax’s healing hands as you’re also learning more of the tantric energies in your body. Your body will learn Jax’s secrets in prolonging the deep states of inner peace and bliss to help you reach higher states of awareness. Access your vital powers and energies in your heart center channels to completely energize you. ***Please keep in mind that the suggested tribute amount varies depending on season, demand and timing.

Tantra Massage Nude Body to Body

Jax is fully nude, providing a session beginning with bodywork and tantra techniques – very sensual and relaxing. You move into an oiled body-to-body glide which aligns the Chakras (energy centers) between the two people, creating long-lasting positive sensual energy. Jax uses the body-to-body technique to relax and stimulate multiple energy centers at once. ***KEEP IN MIND that although the body-glide is incredibly sexy and stimulating, it does not mean Jax will be performing sexual acts of any kind. The suggested tribute amount varies depending on demand, season and timing.

Four Hands

When receiving two Tantra By Jax bodyworkers work on your body, your mind reacts differently. Since the mind can’t follow the movements, you go into a sublime subconscious states of completely letting go and becoming lost in the wonderful and erotic experience. Jax and Aubrey take you into a blissful experience of a lifetime.

Couples Tantra

This experience begins with a lovely meditation followed by bodywork and tantra teachings. You’ll then receive an oiled body-to-body glide which aligns the chakras (energy centers) creating sensual positive energy in your body. Establishing a powerful connection, the therapists use the body-to-body glides to relax and stimulate your multiple energy points. ***Please note: although the body-glide is incredibly sexy and stimulating, it doesn’t mean the therapists will be performing sexual acts of any kind.

Got A Request?

Let me know what you have in mind and we’ll see if it’s something I can facilitate!


Deeply Relaxing – Sensual – Life Changing – Healing

Welcome to the serene experience of Tantra Massage! Here, I offer a special kind of massage that's more than just relaxation. Tantra massage is an ancient technique, blending traditional techniques, sensual touch and soothing movements to help you feel more connected with your body.

It's a peaceful journey that helps release stress and awaken your senses. I'm here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a comfortable and uplifting experience.

Whether it's your first time or you're familiar with Tantra, my service is designed to leave you feeling refreshed and full of positive energy. Book a session with me today and discover the beauty of Tantra massage!


Sensual Tantra massage is more than just a regular massage; it's a journey into deep relaxation and connection with yourself. This ancient practice focuses on your whole being, combining physical touch with emotional and sexual awareness.

In a Sensual Tantra massage, the experience is all about gentle, flowing movements. I use my hands to create a rhythm that helps release tension from your body. This isn't just about working out the knots in your muscles; it's about unlocking the energy that lives within you.

The key to this massage is the connection between you and your masseur. I'll guide you through breathing techniques and gentle strokes that help you relax deeply. This connection is what makes Tantra massage unique – it's a shared experience that's nurturing and respectful.

During the massage, you may feel a range of emotions. It's normal! Tantra is about embracing all aspects of yourself. You might find yourself feeling more peaceful, or you might discover a sense of joy and liberation. The goal is to leave you feeling balanced and rejuvenated, both in body and mind.

I'm experienced and established to create for you a safe and comfortable environment. I understand the importance of trust and respect, ensuring your experience is positive and fulfilling. Whether you're exploring Tantra for the first time or deepening your practice, my Sensual Tantra massage offers you a pathway to inner peace and self-discovery.

*I do not follow any specific religious pursuit but rather spiritual energies that reside in all of us, at all times.

Latest Reviews

*These are real reviews from real clients and are updated in real time. I do not edit any of these. If photos are included in the review, it’s because they were uploaded directly by the reviewer when sharing their review.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ August 14, 2022
"The best massage I’ve ever had and I’ve had MANY! Jax is so chill and sweet! I’ve always been self conscious about my body but he made me feel totally comfortable! I can’t to see him again sometime!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ August 1, 2022
"I was timid about my massage at first, but Jax made me feel safe so that I could release my inhibitions. Then he made me feel sexy by connecting with me physically. Lastly, I was satisfied, don’t confuse that with content. I mean satisfied. Completely and totally fulfilled in my desired outcome. I Highly recommend him!!!!! Be open and honest with him and you will get a level of service rarely found."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ July 22, 2022
"My experience with Jax was outstanding. I felt safe and Jax was a professional. He opened me up like a blooming flower. Amazing! Powerful! It was a beautiful moment of synchronicity."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ July 9, 2022
"The massage was relaxing and peaceful. An hour of total stillness with breathing exercises. Recommend for women who needs a moment of a judgement free, peaceful and relaxing healing massage."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ June 17, 2022
"I had so much fun. This was my first time getting the tantra massage. Jax was just awesome. I didn’t want the hour to be over. Total relaxation. #heavenly, #loved it. I am already looking forward to my next one."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ June 5, 2022
"Jax is such a sweet guy. I really enjoyed the tantra massage. It was amazing and i will come back for sure."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ June 4, 2022
"We had an amazing experience with Jax and Aubrey for a couples tantric massage. First, my wife had a Four Hands Massage by both Jax and Aubrey and WOW. She experienced another level of sensory touch that she is still talking about. They were both amazing and highly recommend!!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ May 2, 2022
"My fiancée and I enjoyed a couples session with Aubrey and Jax and it was incredible. They were so respectful, so sensitive, and so caring it made for an incredibly enjoyable experience that also deepened the love and connection between my fiancée and myself. We felt safe and comfortable and are looking forward to a future session."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ April 27, 2022
"My husband and I were looking for a masseur who was knowledgeable in different forms of massage and Jax delivered. He was able to offer different modalities that were relaxing for me as well as pinpointing specific areas of my body that needed more attention. He was very conscientious of my needs and very encouraging in the way he approached me in order to make me feel comfortable and in the moment. He was very professional while making sure I received the type of massage that was best for me. I would recommend him highly for anyone wanting the absolute best experience available for massage in Las Vegas! I will book with him again next time we are in the area."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ April 8, 2022
"My husband and I had an amazing massage experience. Jax and Aubrey had such a relaxed and welcoming vibe and were so intuitive with our massage needs. Highly recommend this experience."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ April 2, 2022
"Jax is so incredibly kind and personable that it’s easy to feel relaxed with him. He knows how to find and ease the the tension in the problem areas. I truly knew that he wanted to be there with me in that moment, and his encouragement to “just receive” was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Jax. I hope to see you again!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ March 24, 2022
Tantra Massage by Jax ReviewI felt very comfortable going to Jax. I did my homework on him and I saw multiple videos and websites of his talent and professionalism. It was perfect and what I wanted and needed from my massage. He’s very kind and gentle, he’s a centered Spirit. I would highly recommend him. Whenever I visit Vegas again I will certainly be back to Jax."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ March 23, 2022
"Tantra is the most exquisite, liberating massage I’ve ever had in my life…. Truly an amazing experience, very delicious and relaxing, I feel sooo good. Jax touch is like no other, it was my first time getting a massage by a man so I was a little nervous but he made me feel very comfortable, I am so happy I decided to do this, I honestly can’t wait for my next session, super excited. Thank you Jax for helping me in my sexual healing journey. See you soon!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ March 18, 2022
"First time doing a Tantra Massage and Jax received me with openness, and warmth. I was very comfortable and the massage progressed slowly helping me feel my body in every detail of it. Jax was present and taking care of my body while I allowed myself to just feel it. What a liberating experience. Thank you Jax! Will be back !"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ March 15, 2022
"Wow! Jax was beyond delightful! The Massage was over the top! He made me feel so relaxed and comfortable!! Will seek him out again when we come back to Vegas!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ February 24, 2022
"I hired Jax for my wife for a tantra massage. We had never done anything like this before. We were both very nervous. He was professional and appropriate. We communicated ahead of time about expectations. The massage was erotic and exciting. I shared it with her and it was special. This opened up a whole new world of closeness for us. Highly recommended!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ February 24, 2022
Tantra Massage by Jax Review by S"Before discovering Tantra and finding Jax, I knew I had to heal my sexual energy. I didn’t know how. Jax has helped me heal from sexual trauma and abuse by giving me permission to be & selfish & honest, ask for what I needed. He made it all about me (unlike my abusers-it was all about what they wanted from me). His hands are magical, sensual, healing and calming. I highly recommend tantra for learning how to own your sexuality and take back your sexual power. Jax is like none other!"

See ALL of My Reviews Here

Tantra By Jax will show you key elements of tantra bodywork that will positively change your life forever: including training to connect with your higher self and to be a better lover in many different ways.

Tantra By Jax massage sessions are a great way to learn things about your body – inside and out – physically, mentally, spiritually, and sensually.

Our sessions can assist with the releasing of deep trauma, physical and mental pain, but will also serve as a powerful relief to life’s every day stress.

Clients say they feel ‘lighter’ and ‘brighter’ after a session; there are many long-lasting effects that will have you feeling ready to take on life as your best self.

Our sessions will help empower you and build a sort of confidence you have never felt before. When working with Jax – you are learning several of these secrets and techniques while receiving Tantra By Jax.

We want to share the love and light with you! Tantra By Jax sessions are very sensual, special, and unique but also VERY professional – clients book weeks, months, even a year in advance; it is at my discretion to secure a deposit fee which will hold your session day/time and be applied to your session rate, as well as charge a cancellation fee (no less than $50 per client).

During These Moments You Can Catch A Glimpse Of Who You Truly Are…

I am sincerely dedicated to helping others through my gifts I developed and strive to consistently strengthen. Through Tantra by Jax, I seek to take you away from your stresses and worries; to help you reset your mind and refresh your body.

My goal is to bring the Light of Love into the darkness of loneliness, depression, and the pressures of every-day life. I am dedicated to ultimate relaxation and healing from pain, minds that are confused or panicked, and souls that feel hopelessness.


You Can Expand

Your State of Consciousness

I come to your hotel room for a travel fee. In some circumstances, I’ll come to your residence-if you’re a verified client. I do have a screening process (form) for all newcomers to Tantra By Jax.

Warmly yours,
Jax Solomon
Tantra Master

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

How do I know if I'm ready for an experience with Tantra By Jax?

You’re always ready for an experience with Tantra By Jax. We will always start where you are. Tantra By Jax gives you the opportunity to completely relax and receive love and conscious sensual touch. If you feel uncertain or unsure whether you’re ready, feel free to text me by clicking here.

How much time do I need in advance to make a booking for an experience?

I strongly encourage you to book in advance so you get your desired date and time. Otherwise, you're able to schedule as soon as my schedule allows and it might even be the same day.

How many times do I need to come for a Tantra By Jax massage?

Your Tantra By Jax experience with me is a unique experience of deepening into the feeling of who you truly are and an awakening of your sensual and ecstatic potential. You can come for an experience as often or as seldom as you’d like. If you’re working through specific issues, I can suggest a continuity session that aligns with what you want. If you'd like a more heightened experience, set up your sessions during your monthly ovulation.

As a celebrity or public figure, how can I be certain our activities are kept discreet?

I understand your challenges as I have several clients whom are public figures whom most anyone would recognize anywhere. I have an iron-clad Therapist-Client Confidentiality protocol for all my clients. Your identity and our activities are kept completely between us. This is something I uphold strictly since my reputation relies on it.

Do you give any discounts if I book for massage more times?

No, I don’t offer discounts. Every massage is unique to myself and I offer the deep connection and heart in all my massages.

Are you allowed to come for a massage if you are under 18?

I offer the Tantra By Jax experience to persons 18 years old and over.

Can you be too old to receive a Tantra By Jax massage?

No. Those of all ages can enjoy tantra in their own ways. The more mature and experienced you become, the deeper the experience becomes.

Do you need to look or be in a specific manner in order to come for a Tantra By Jax experience?

My clients are currently just women but if you’re a man looking for a tantra massage, I might know others I can refer you to. We look forward to experiencing the unique human being that you are.

Do I need to know anything specific about tantra before I come for a tantra experience with you?

You don’t need to know anything about tantra before you come for a tantra massage. We “start where you are”, and I welcome you exactly as you are wherever you are in your life and on your tantric path.

Is there anyone else in the space you provide if I want a Tantra by Jax experience incall?

If you don’t have a location I can come to, I may be able to provide a space for us depending on timing. You and I will be occupying the serene tantra room by ourselves along with therapeutic essential oils, sounds, and appropriate lighting.

My partner and I want a tantra massage. What do we need to know?

This is something I can facilitate. It's just a matter of scheduling as, while I work independently, I have several female providers I can call and work with.

I only ask that you ensure that you and your partner have gone through my website so both know what to expect.

Please do not make it a surprise, as surprises are often not appreciated especially with an experience that requires some preparation (hygiene or otherwise).

Most importantly, regardless of what you may presume of the relationship, jealousy can be very unpredictable so it's better all parties know what to expect of the experience.

I look forward to facilitating a wondrous experience for you and your partner. One you'll truly remember for a lifetime!

Can you travel to me outside of Nevada?

Yes I can. I simply require that you reimburse me for the cost of the round-trip flight, hotel stay, and car rental. I'll be booking standard accomodations in the city where we'll meet unless you insist I book a more luxury-type accomodation.

I also require you book at least an hour sessions worth each day I'll be in your city whether or not you want to use those sessions.

What if my mind is very busy and full of thoughts during the experience?

It’s very normal for your mind to drift as you receive the Tantra By Jax massage, and notice your becoming more relaxed. I will often guide your breath during the experience but if you’d like to be present during, just focus on the sensations you’re feeling in your body and turn your perception to what’s happening in the moment.

Am I allowed to touch Jax during the experience?

Your tantra massage with me is a unique opportunity for you to feel yourself and let go of all the things you think you should be, and instead, get a pure and loving experience of your true, sensual, loving, powerful, and peaceful self. For this reason, I recommend you turn your attention inwards, to how you’re experiencing yourself, and focusing on being present in your experience. I’m often open to your touch and feeling the need for human contact in moments where you feel vulnerable, emotionally touched, or overwhelmed by the experience. I always encourage you to be vocal if you’re ever uncertain.

Is it possible to see pictures of my masseur before the massage?

I’m currently the only masseur taking on clients with Tantra By Jax. I always encourage you to communicate with me before your session and welcome to ask for pictures if it helps with your comfort with the experience.

Can we as a couple receive massage in the same room?

Yes you can. The beautiful Aubrey Haze, a certified Tantra By Jax therapist can perform tantra massage with your partner. It’s your choice whether you’d like the session in the same room or in a separate room.

Does tantra massage equal prostitution?

No. There is no sexual intercourse involved or performance of any sexual acts. A tantra massage with me has a very clear defined setting, which allows the client to meet her true sensual and ecstatic self through the touch, guidance and presence of the masseur, working with the energies.

What if I fall in love with you?

When you experience an intense and beautiful experience together with another human being, it is natural that some feelings for that human being can occur, or you can think that the experience you had came from that other person instead of thinking that it came from something already existing inside of yourself.

The massage is a meeting between hearts, and it is natural that it awakens your heart and also shows which desires, wishes and dreams you have and which you maybe forget about in your everyday life, maybe because you think you do not deserve that which you are longing for, or because you do not believe you can create a life full of love and intimacy.

It is natural for the feelings to awaken and come to life. But the massages are in themselves a clear sign of your opening towards more love and intimacy in your life – otherwise you would not come for massage – and in the massages you also learn how can be more open, honest and loyal to your true wishes, values and longings and you will see that you begin to attract and create something different than you usually do. For this reason you can say that a feeling of falling in love with the masseur is a sign that you are getting to know your own heart better and that you are learning to create more love and intimacy in your own life.

The fear of getting hurt or abandoned or of the fact that all the beauty comes from the other person and you therefore are going to lose it again, is a universal fear and common for all of us. There is nothing wrong in the feeling of longing or need of something and you are not ‘too much’ if you feel in love or fascinated.

Cant tantra massage replace medical treatment? Can you help me regarding questions of healthy?

I strongly recommend that you always consult your own doctor concerning questions of health that you might have, and I cannot take the responsibility of physical or mental problems that might occur if my clients avoid following the instructions of your doctor. With this being said, you are very welcome to ask me if you have anything that you would like to hear my opinion about.

I have tremendous experience with tantra and personal development and happy to share my knowledge.


To request a session, please fill out the form. Once you complete the form, I will contact you to confirm your date request!

For any questions you may have, the best way to reach me, is by texting 702-623-9953.

All first time clients must fill in the screening form. I'll send you the form during our communication.

702-623-9953 (click here to text me)

*I typically reply within 24 hours. Also, all of your information is discreet and kept safe and will NEVER be shared with anyone. I have celebrities as clients that trust and rely upon the discretion of their information and identity.

Tantra By Jax is in no way a prostitute or escort. Don't request such sexual services.

The Tantra By Jax Tantra Massage Las Vegas/FBSM sessions offered are ultra sensual and extremely relaxing, but not acts that violate the laws of Nevada.

Any session involving direct one on one Tantra training or couples training, either for personal or professional use of the training - any donations or fees contributed are for the TIME of the therapist, for spiritual counseling, and for training in Tantra By Jax. Any involvement beyond the time and training is not included as part of any money exchanged.

July 5, 2022