Husband Books A Sensual Tantra Bodywork Session For Wife To Get Over Trauma


She didn’t know what to expect. All she knew was her husband booked her a ‘special massage’. She didn’t really know what that ‘special’ meant. 

The day had finally come and she was thrilled, excited, but a nervous wreck. She’s had trauma since her first marriage from an abusive husband. Her body seemed to fight off any pleasant sensations that came with touch. 

She’s an incredibly beautiful woman and never had a problem with men so she was never deprived of touch. 

For her it was the opposite. She didn’t crave affection from touch. She despised it. She had confided this with her husband now and he was accepting and very respectful about it which is why she loved him.

As her husband was planning out the brief weekend stay in Las Vegas, he wanted to try something sexy and more sexual… since Vegas gave off that kind of vibe.

He came upon Tantra By Jax Solomon. He’s heard the term before but wasn’t quite certain what it meant.

As he perused the pages of Jax’s website, he knew it was a sensual experience but not quite sexual. He seemed very professional and lots of things written on his site.

His social media was abundant. He was everywhere. The more he researched him, the more he popped up on google and social medias. 

The most important thing to him was the sensual touch and professionalism. He was very good-looking. He knew his wife likes the Asian look. But he was afraid as fun as it sounds, did not want it to create more trauma for his beautiful wife he loved immensely.

But Jax was very different. He was very communicative in his profiles. He seemed very educated, mild-mannered, well-adjusted and professional.

He wanted to give it a chance, and so he made the contact.

Jax was very quick to reply. And he was right. Jax was very professional.

It was set. He booked for 7pm right before a fun night out at an adult club he’s heard of, the Green Door.

She was nicely dressed even though it was all going to come off anyway.

They were greeted by exactly the person they imagined. There were so many pictures of him online that it felt like they already knew him. Like meeting a long time friend for the first time.

It was at his tantra studio which wasn’t too far from their hotel. When they entered, the living area was very spa like, with sounds, the aroma of an expensive candle, inviting and clean.

Jax was soft-spoken but confident. He was taller than most Asians I knew but the couple was surprised by his attire, a tank top with short shorts that showed his large bulge. They were both inspired and comforted by his sexual allure and total comfort and confidence.

The introductions were brief and they made small talk. He invited them for a bottled water or use of bathroom, which they both obliged. The wife admitted she was very nervous. Jax merely smiled and comforted her saying, “You’ll have a great time.”

The husband wasn’t quite sure how he could say it so comfortably and confidently, but he was at this point open to anything. He felt safe and so did his wife, and that’s what mattered.

After the session…

The wife was beaming with joy and ecstasy. An hour had flew by and the session was life-changing. Jax waited in the living area as the wife got dressed and gathered herself. The spoke about what an incredible experience it was as soon as they were alone.

While she used the bathroom, the husband told Jax how much she loved it. He promised he’d give a review of the session.

Jax was very happy to hear this and simply thankful for their being open to the experience. 

They said their goodbyes as Jax hugged her the tightest hug she’d ever received from anyone.

She was beaming with smiles the entire way to the car as the husband held on to her hand with pride and love. As he drove back to the hotel, she couldn’t stop raving about how good the touch felt and how much she could not wait the next time for a massage.

Sensual Tantra
June 5, 2024