What if They're Into Things You're Not Into


What if They're Into Things You're Not Into

If you're not into what your partner/s are into, what do you do?

A gal on Twitter, who isn't very bright, tweeted,

"If someone says, "I'm not into eating pu$$y," what they're actually saying is, "I'm selfish in bed.""

Let me first ask you, do you agree?

We humans do something funny, a psychological phenomena, called "projecting."

It's that you imbue/project/displace onto others your own perceptions of things.

In other words, you imagine because you like something, that it's unfathomable how someone else couldn't possibly like that thing too.

It's like saying, "Cilantro is fucking amazing, I can't believe you hate it!"

Psychological Projection puts you in so many conundrums so it's important to truly appreciate that every single individual are into things that are, in every case, different from yours, and often radically different. And this applies even to THE SAME PERSON based on their time of the month!

So you handle this in your relationships by managing their expectation that you both will be into completely, and often radically, different things, and that's WONDERFUL.

THOSE things that you do align are great! They're the reason, after all, you're in a terrific relationship. Those things that you don't align are also what makes you individuals and it's the reason you're attracted (you're not in a relationship with an identical twin or genetic family!)

Allow each individual in the relationship to pursue other people, platforms and avenues where they can facilitate those things they do enjoy which you may not be into and regardless of your participation.

That is what love is and that is your facilitating their living their biggest life.

January 16, 2023