The All-Important Relationship Skill That You Need To Learn

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The All-Important Relationship Skill That You Need To Learn

The all-important skill you need so you can have mind-bogglingly incredible relationships is the skill of negotiation.

All of communication is a negotiation.

You don't see it that way because you have the presumption a negotiation is when you're drafting contracts, coming to agreements, or creating transactions...

...sounds like all of communication to me.

At the most fundamental, minimum level of communication, you're at least negotiating for their attention.

I'll give you an illustration:

Presume those that don't recognize their communication is a negotiation is at a "Level Zero."

Level 0 is rudimentary... whether you accept something or you don't accept something. Without your recognizing it, this is fundamental of all communication. The acceptance, or not, of something is a negotiation even when that negotiation was blissfully granted without conscious recognition of it.

Remember ~ for anything to make sense in your mind, you must first accept premises and logical axioms for those statements to become logical. (i.e. when someone says, "That was delicious," you can presume they had probably eaten, they can taste, they speak english, etc.)

At Level 1, you're no longer merely accepting or denying things, but also capable of providing counter-offers or "reframes." And the negotiation skills become more intricate from there.

The problem-domain of anyone unable to recognize they must negotiate in relationships is when they often presume things to be accepted and therefore granted. This leads to the death-knell of all loving relationships, being, and therefore feeling, taken for granted.

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October 25, 2022