How To Manage Your Emotions So You Can Get Over Jealousy And Other Things!

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How To Manage Your Emotions So You Can Get Over Jealousy And Other Things!

If you believe you can't control your emotions because it's a "naturally-occurring thing" (i.e. "jealousy can't be controlled because it's a 'part of the human, social, experience'"), then I'd like you to consider that you've unwittingly pulled the wool over your own eyes.

"Enlightenment", after all, isn't a natural thing. Humans didn't evolve to become highly intelligent. We've only evolved to have the requisite intelligence for survival.

But, the irony is, enlightenment is the pursuit of unlearning a lot of things and reconfiguring your perspective on things.

Managing your emotions is as good a start as any, so here's what I'd like you to consider so you can "control" your emotions:

1 - You have to recognize and appreciate that there are many aspects, and things, and ideas, and people which you've felt a particular way until you've acquired more knowledge about it at which point you've felt differently (i.e. Santa Clause, ghosts, etc)

2 - While you can't DIRECTLY communicate with your "emotional core" (the processes in your body which amounts to your "feels"), you can directly communicate with your 'ego' logically and your ego can communicate with your emotional core.

3 - As you persistently, ongoingly, communicate with your ego logically (much of which I provide in my posts), you'll come into quorum and your logic, your ego, and your emotions will align. This happens without your recognition of it.

This is why "All truths are self-evident" because even if at first you fight against it, when you've come to quorum, you'll find a time when you don't even know you've felt about a particular thing any differently!

In other words, the same individuals that can't imagine they could ever get over the notion of "jealousy," after sufficient time has passed when they've acquired the appropriate perspective, will have a hard time recalling when they've ever felt jealousy!

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November 1, 2022



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