Freedom In Relationships - Why Some People Don't Want It

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Freedom In Relationships - Why Some People Don't Want It

One of the things I spend a lot of my time is encouraging people that in their relationship they can be free.

In fact, I insist that you invest a significant amount of your energy in facilitating the freedom of every party in the relationship... that your relationships will be better served when you devote your "loyalty" to yourself foremost and to the responsibilities from the commitments that you make.

Facilitating this freedom in the relationship, which ensures a fantastically happy and fulfilling one, requires your going out of your way to communicate, set boundaries and expectations... and most importantly, allowing your partner/s time and space to take responsibility for the things which they solely have authority.

This is an overwhelming challenge. This is because people are not taught that authority and responsibility are conjoined and can never be severed apart.

'Authority equals responsibility' implies that you must NOT take responsibility for things which you don't have/cannot control. For a majority of people, THIS is foreign. All of your life you've been convinced you can control someone else often with the intention of helping.

The other challenge is that people would rather NOT be free. This is also foreign for most people because freedom implies complete responsibility for oneself.

They prefer the comfort of their subjugation so long as the price isn't so heinous.

Being free and insisting on others' freedom by allowing them (and forgiving yourself) their freedom to take responsibility for themselves without your feeling guilt, or suffering, or responsibility for their actions and decisions, will enlighten you AND others around you ❤️

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October 13, 2022



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