You Can’t End A “Relationship” and Here’s Why

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You Can’t End A “Relationship” and Here’s Why"

You can’t ‘end’ a *relationship.* Relationships are merely managed.

✨ A ‘relationship’ is one of the most misappreciated concept. It’s been maligned to mean “an exclusive” one. In other words, when one mentions they’re in ‘a relationship’, it’s presupposed to be a sexually exclusive, monogamous, one.

✨ Because of this, a lot of problems happen as a byproduct. I’ll leave alone that this presumes one who isn’t sexually exclusive is presumed to have a low-quality of relationship – which is insane.

✨ A ‘relationship’ is merely how things interact and interface. For example, my relationship to my pets are a master/pet “relationship.” My relationship to you is different with every one since you might have a more intimate one with me or merely an acquaintance or maybe a significant one. Nonetheless, that is your, and my, relationship *to* each other.

✨ With that in mind, relationships can’t be ended. Why?

✨ Relationships are merely managed. Since you have a relationship to everything, *you choose which ones to manage.* Those things/people you have a relationship to that are insignificant don’t merit your managing. There are few people who are significant. Those you manage. You manage whether it’s professional, platonic, significant, less significant… and very few are even intrinsic/essential to you.

✨ When it comes to people that become less significant to you so as to merit your spending less time, attention and proximity with them, you manage it as such. In more common terms, people refer to it often as “breaking up.” What you’re actually breaking up is the social contract of the ‘relationship agreement.’ Nonetheless, you have a relationship to them still, just a less significant one AND THAT TOO MUST BE MANAGED.

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September 19, 2022



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