What To Say If You, Or They, Are NOT Into It

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What To Say If You, Or They, Are NOT Into It

As you communicate with your partner that you can't fake a fetish, you're facilitating their comfort and confidence in you in appreciating that there'll be things they're into which you won't be, and there'll be things you're into which they won't be, and that's GREAT!

SINCE there'll be lots of things you'll share together and enjoy wondrously and there'll be passions and desires which you won't be into with each other, you must exude sublime confidence in them so they appreciate clearly that you encourage and insist they pursue other avenues and people whom they could enjoy those things with when they feel the desire to. This is, after all, the essence of your love for them.

Support them in their endeavors in the best you can and thank them if they're things they'd enjoy which you'd want no part of.

For example, I'm never going to be black, or white, or european or spanish, but I'm REALLY good at being ME, and providing the things I'm able.

FEW things I'm VERY good at. LOTS of things I'm not good at. Lots of things I want no part. Those things I can't facilitate, I'd happily outsource or encourage their finding someone good at it or willing, I'd even help.

I'm not into romance movies or bukake's so if she wants those things, I'd celebrate she found someone willing and thankful I don't have to partake!

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September 7, 2022