What Happens When You're Afraid, What Is "Fear" and What To Do With It

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What Happens When You're Afraid, What Is "Fear" and What To Do With It

Do you want to get rid of fear?

💜 Once you appreciate what fear is, you'll have a better time discerning how to go about everything you do and would like to do.

💜 To 'appreciate' something is to understand something (as opposed to how it's commonly interpreted, to be thankful).

💜 Seldom will you find yourself in a primal situation that the sensation of fear merits its existence. During those situations which it merits, it's often very simple to delineate whether it's something worth acting on (you cross a road and hear what sounds like an oncoming vehicle doesn't require your thinking twice).

💜 Overwhelmingly, that sensation of fear you're feeling is merely a poor use of your imagination...

💕 'Fear' is your imagining the pain you'd feel in the future, projecting that sensation into the present, and your feeling the pain now.

💕 So here's a better way to go about fear: replace it with a wonderful thing called 'Planning.'

💕 Planning is the idea, if THIS happens, I'll do this... if THAT happens, I'll do THIS.

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September 8, 2022