This Is The Difference Between A Conventional Vs. A "Principled" Relationship

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This Is The Difference Between A Conventional Vs. A "Principled" Relationship

Do you practice your relationships based on conventions or principles?

Convention, just like 'conventional thinking' is "how things are usually done."

Funny truth about relationships, it's comprised of 'individuals.'

Because it's comprised of individuals, no two relationships can be the same. A relationship between individual people will always be unique to the unique individuals.

This is so banal it's overlooked. By definition, if you *follow convention* the relationship can't work and you realize this years down the line after you've recognized, "This can't possibly work unless we make some adjustments."

Overwhelmingly, and tragically, a lot of people remain following the convention and find themselves in miserable relationships and blaming the persons in the relationship rather than the model in which they practice it.

So alternatively, if you applied a "Principled" approach to your relationships, it'll work much better for you and the individuals in the relationship taking into consideration the uniqueness of each persons likes, wants, desires and goals.

I have 3 fundamental, and essential, principles to begin any relationship. If it's about the love for another person, they are:

1- Unconditional Love (wanting for their happiness and actualization)
2- Nonjudgmental Acceptance (appreciation of their individuality and facilitating their unique desires)
3- Open communication (no secrets are required since there's no need for it)

I only happen to refer to my relationships as "open style" of relationship but truly, the relationship dynamic itself doesn't require a title. It just so happens that having those principles results in an open style of relationship, one with absolutely no jealousy or notions of ownership. 'Owning' another person is heinous.

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September 7, 2022