The Truth About "Committed Relationships"

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The Truth About "Committed Relationships"

There's this silly evolution to the word 'committed' to where its presumed to mean you're sexually exclusive.

This then also presumes if you aren't committed, then you have a "lack of commitment" or seen as merely fucking around or lacking seriousness and sincerity about the relationship.

Consider the following:

💕 A 'relationship' is merely how you interact and interface with things. Therefore you have a relationship TO everything.

There are relationships that are significant to you REGARDLESS of whether you're sexually exclusive in which you have "commitments" you're 'committed' to.

💕 A Commitment is your dedication to a particular cause, goal or intent.

💕 Therefore, because a relationship between people are COMPETELY unique because, by definition, they're 'individual', you'll agree upon different commitments based on the individual dynamics regardless of whether sex is even involved.

💕 "commitment" used in the traditional sense is implied that way because relationships in the old days were wholly about subjugation.

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September 15, 2022