The REAL Source Of All Evil

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The REAL Source Of *All* Evil

What might you imagine is the source of *all* evil? Is it Money? Greed? Stupidity? The government?

The real source of all evil is self-deception!

"Deception" is when one causes someone to believe something untrue typically for personal advantage. Self-deception is the backwards inverse of that! It's your believing something to be true not for *your* personal advantage, but rather for your ego's advantage.

Your ego is not you. Its sole purpose is one thing: that it not be diminished. It protects itself, at all cost, from anything that diminishes *it* - this is why you feel embarrassment; it's your ego protecting itself, by fighting, from being diminished. (This is how armies are built!)

So let's go back to something more practical and tangible.

Your "psychology" is information (which is neither good or bad) and how you hold it in your mind and what you do with it.

Your biggest source of pain is "cognitive dissonance" (cognitive being your thinking process, and dissonance from music meaning disharmonious).

Cognitive dissonance is when you've got 2 or more pieces of information which contradict each other.

It's IMPERATIVE you get rid of any and all contradictions in your mind (and there's plenty you've "inherited")!

Self-deception is wallowing in these contradictions in your mind without the immediate requisite to unburden yourself from it! Remember - your ego would rather remain in its comfort to hold dearly to what it 'already' knows therefore preventing you from personal growth!

You MUST teach your ego by training it that when you pursue en-lighten-ment through unburdening yourself with contradictions that your relationships and well-being becomes better as a result!

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September 5, 2022