How To Talk About Your Other Sexual Relationships

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How To Talk About Your Other Sexual Relationships

How to communicate about your other sexual relationships to your primary one –

💜 There’s lots of ways and manners people in so-called open-style relationships communicate about their other-than primary relationships, a lot of which are detrimental.

💜 Here’s a logical and fundamentally sound approach –

💜 It’s axiomatic for relationships to be happy that it have this fundamental piece in place – without it, happiness cannot persist… that it be founded on open communication.

💜 I have no secrets of my own. I am a completely transparent and open communicator. There’s no need for me to keep secrets because the only relationships I partake in are those founded on openness in every aspect.

💜 This is of course outside of my client-therapist relationships. Those are entirely confidential and never shared anywhere, with anyone, besides however they would like to share it.

💜 In essence, while I have nothing against secrecy or confidentiality as a thing for anyone (in fact, I insist anyone share with me ONLY those things they feel compelled), for *myself*, I’m completely transparent (like “glasnost” in German; complete transparency).

💜 This also doesn’t mean anyone within the relationship can be coerced to share anything they don’t feel merits its sharing. This is entirely misunderstood. Communication must still be merited in completely transparent open communication by your compelling them to share.

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September 22, 2022