Here’s My Approach To “Taking Relationships Serious”

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Here’s My Approach To “Taking Relationships Serious”

How serious is your relationship?

✨ While I don’t things too seriously, I do take them sincerely – the distinction being, rather than taking things with a heavy approach, instead taking things with a light approach with a conscious, thought-out and present demeanor.

✨ Sincerity is overwhelmingly underestimated. This lack of sincerity is the culprit for people’s being dissociated from the moment, inability to communicate direct and forthright, or joking aside a sincere matter.

The reason is truly irrelevant – since there are many psychological tricks you play with yourself and whether that requires introspection is up to you.

✨ More important you make a conscious effort to having sublime comfort in being clear with your communication, being direct, and being sublimely open.

✨ Remember that fear is merely the poor use of your imagination. Seldom is fear from actual danger. More often, it’s from your imagining the pain you’d feel in the future, and feeling it now, causing you to inhibit yourself from making logically sound conclusions.

✨ In all of your relationships, your simple responsibility is that it be managed appropriately. That’s it. It doesn’t need to taken heavily or seriously. It should be taken lightly and [to take it further] without requiring “work.”

✨ Any relationship that merits its existence requires no work outside of the effort you’d happily put in to things/people you enjoy (i.e. friendships take no “work”).

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September 28, 2022



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