Can You Replace 'Looks' With Personality?

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Can You Replace 'Looks' With Personality?

If you want satisfying, fulfilling, worthwhile relationships, nothing will supplant personality (for both men and women).

Men and women imagine that since majorly for the woman, and since men project what he's attracted to must also be true for him, that looks can become tremendously valuable and attractive.

But what actually occurs is personality supplants looks at different points in men and women.

For a man who *appears* good-looking gives him about 20 seconds of attention from a woman at which point she mostly pays her attention to his personality.

The same thing occurs for woman only on a different timeline... Her looks will get her multitudes further than 20 seconds! Yet, after the infatuation period fades away which lasts from a couple of months up to 18 months of unrestricted access, her looks is no longer the attractive factor in the relationship, her personality is.

And because this timeline for women is so long, those that are inexperienced can never appreciate it. They just blame it on other things.

The truth is, it doesn't matter how hot the woman is, NOTHING supplants her personality. It doesn't matter if she's the most successful and hottest Victoria Secret model, when (not if) that infatuation period goes away, her personality will determine whether that relationship persists. Leo Dicaprio is a good example. It's not that the women he's previously dated weren't INSANELY HOT, it's that looks will never replace his biological drive as a male for variety.

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September 6, 2022



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