Can Someone Be Both Hot, Passionate, But Crazy, AND Stable, and Boring?

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There's a very common misconception, that *either* someone will be stable but boring... *or*... passionate but crazy.

💜 This is a correlation. This isn't 'causation.'

💜 It's incredibly important to distinguish correlation vs. causation. When something correlates means events/occurrences have a relationship, but neither having to have caused the other to happen.

💜 The delineation that either someone is passionate but crazy and unreliable "OR" they're reliable and stable but boring is *just correlation.* You can, in fact, be reliable and hot and passionate AND stable.

💜 It's a matter of figuring out 3 things:

1️⃣ It's all about expectation management. All throughout your relationship *from the outset* expectations MUST be managed. Anyone who believes to "set no expectations" is doomed from the start. People will do things that's their nature and if it contradicts convention, it *appears* crazy.

2️⃣ you must *appreciate* the person for being the person they are because you can ALWAYS RELY that they'll do the things *they* would do. (remember, to "appreciate" is not to be "thankful" but to *understand*)

3️⃣ Recognize what it is that seems "crazy" and delineate whether if it's a mental dis-ease or if it's merely unmanaged expectations on either parties!

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September 13, 2022