3 Traits Of Someone Who Is Self-Secure

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3 Traits Of Someone Who Is Self-Secure

Here are 3 traits of someone who’s self-secure…

1️⃣ They’re ‘independent’ in the sense that they’re *self-validated.* They’re validated solely by the results of their own decisions.

This is to say that their actions, behaviors and conclusions are dependent upon the results of their decisions and has very little to do with the opinions of others around them.

2️⃣ They have a great sense of humor. This is because they have a very ‘light’ and ‘easy’ approach to life – as opposed to when anyone is put into a difficult situation, having a ‘heavy’ or ‘hard’ approach to life. They recognize that the “approach to life” has little to do with the situation but rather it’s perspective.

3️⃣ They’re subtly impressive in the way that they do not do much, or anything, to appear impressive, which is, in and of itself, wondrously impressive and confidence-inspiring.

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September 26, 2022



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