Why You Should Be "Intolerant"

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Why Men and Women Play Games

Toleration is arrogance. Most people have a variety of things they wouldn’t accept but end up tolerating in the relationship for the sake of the relationship entity.

This ends up badly for all involved.

This is also the root of codependency.

For myself, there’s a wide gamut of things which I’ll accept. In fact, it’s much wider than most people would imagine would ever be acceptable to them 😉

The small variety of things that I do not accept in any relationship, I don’t tolerate. Either they make an alteration, or they go, or I go.

This also makes me fantastically accepting because anyone can recognize that they can simply be themselves around me with the comfort of knowing if it’s a behavior I wouldn’t tolerate, they’d know and if it’s behaviors I accept, I’m 100% game and accepting.

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August 15, 2022