Why Men And Women Require Variety, The Evolutionary Psychology Reasoning

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Why Men And Women Require Variety, The Evolutionary Psychology Reasoning

Men and women’s requisite for variety is a very old evolutionary “anti-incestual” mechanism.

For a woman, 14 days before her menstruation is her ovulation period. 2-3 days in her ‘month,’ her brain drugs her to seek a different sort of male, someone who’s not pheromonally familiar. When she’s ovulating, she’s more horny and feels ‘sexier’. In the animal world, this is referred to as ‘estrus’ or “mating season.” For the human female, it happens to be every month.

For a man, this evolutionary requisite for variety makes him have a strong aversion to anyone who grows, or is, overly familiar. Everyone who’s subjugated themselves to a sexually exclusive relationship has experienced the male’s waning enthusiasm for sex with the same partner. Society then propagates things like the billion-dollar industries for male libido (ie ED clinics, viagra, etc) despite his ability to get it up immediately when watching porn.

The question I insist your thinking is what you do with this knowledge and how you propagate a relationship model that’s fulfilling, satisfying, happy and beneficial for your situation (ie sexual, social, business, and family-rearing).

This is also the reason I’m a huge advocate of properly and knowledgeably practiced open relationships where the fundamentals of great relationships are practiced: unconditional love, nonjudgmental acceptance and open communication.

(If open relationships is something you want more knowledge on, check out this amazing online course)

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August 29, 2022