Why Communicating "Genuinely" Is So Sublime and Freeing

Why Communicating "Genuinely" Is So Sublime and Freeing

💜 Genuine communication is terrific and often, the reason you don't indulge in it is because of lack of practice.

💜 There's certainly other great policies based on the circumstance but generally, honesty is the best policy. It's a really great one! Nonetheless, there are circumstances where it isn't merited, and I advocate for that, too!

💜 Genuine communication affords you a terrific sensation others have of you, and that is of their confidence in you.

💜 Remember-confidence is different from what most people imagine is confidence but is actually estimation.

💜 'Confidence' is what you can rely upon to be true. i.e. you can be confident the next step you take on a gravel road won't be one that's imbalanced and non-coherent. Contrast that to walking on quicksand where the next step you take you can't be confident you wouldn't be underground!

💜 Being around someone you can rely upon their communication, and able to communicate with authenticity, is truly an attractant and compelling to be around.

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August 19, 2022



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