Is It Selfish To Want A Monogamous Relationship (One Person All To Yourself)?

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Is It Selfish To Want A Monogamous Relationship (One Person To Yourself)

Is it selfish of you to want a particular style, dynamic, or format of relationship?

Anything you want and pursue, you pursue out of self-interest, so therefore it’s “selfish” – selfish, being just a word that’s been poisoned to be a bad thing in the context of a society that wants you to put others above your own.

Whether you want a closed relationship, open relationships, or multi-amorous closed relationship, you do all of them selfishly.

You spend all your time, resource and energy trying to get a degree, build a house, manage a portfolio… All selfish, and good on you.

The important thing to consider is whether it works out for you, and them, over the short and long term.

If you can appreciate the challenges that a closed relationship entails and open to experiencing how it pans out, then it’s a worthwhile endeavor to discover it from experience.

Lots of things are worthwhile learning from experience. There is, after all, no confidence without experience. There are also lots of things worthwhile recognizing, every way you look at it doesn’t end a good result, and appreciating it from a distance.

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August 30, 2022



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