How To Know If Your Partner Is A "Saboteur"

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How To Know If Your Partner Is A "Saboteur"

A saboteur is one who engages in sabotage. You could be in a relationship with one and here’s how to check!

A saboteur isn’t one who necessarily does it consciously or out of spite. Often, they do it without their awareness. Also, it’s so commonplace in relationships, it’s essentially granted as a phenomena that is PART of a relationship.

It takes enlightenment, introspection and an adamantine love and respect for yourself to be able out this ‘saboteur’ and ostracize ‘it’ from your relationships.

And remember, the saboteur could also be you.

A saboteur has this particular language structure in their neurology:

“If you attain {insert here a level or attainment of success}, I’ll become {insert here a less significant level or position in the relationship}!”


“If you become successful, I’ll become less significant to you.” “If you get this goal of yours (notoriety, fame, wealth, success etc), you’ll spend less time and attention on me!”

So it’s important you communicate to this saboteur that ‘change’ is the inevitable and important outcome of personal growth. The irony is, relationships where individuals don’t grow cannot persist.

The most important thing you must do once you out this saboteur whether it’s your partner’s recognition or it’s the saboteur inside your own head, that relationships will only persist out of merit.

Therefore, there is only one way you will continue to merit a relationship that persistently grows… that is to be their number one source of support and love. That’s it.

If the saboteur is yourself to your own endeavors, then you must alter your cognition so that YOU are your number one supporter and cheerleader, lest you engage in unconscious self-sabotage.

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August 31, 2022