5 Ways You Can Be The Most Attractive You Can Be And Have People DRAWN TO YOU Like A Magnet, A Tantra Master Advices

5 Ways You Can Be The Most Attractive You Can Be And Have People DRAWN TO YOU Like A Magnet, A Tantra Master Advices

You’ve heard a lot of dating advice, professional style advice, and you might have even learned some “attraction secrets”… but you may have not gotten attraction advice from a tantra master… and what you’re about to read may shock you.

These are 5 practical (immediately applicable) ways you can be the most attractive you can be and have people drawn to you like a magnet!

1️⃣. Demonstrate that you love, honor and respect yourself

This is one of the most attractive and compelling thing you can demonstrate. Society (your parents, peers, friends, aunts, uncles, media, public figures) have convinced you that you’re obligated from when you were born to your immediate community (family), your external community, and the society which you belong that you have a duty and obligation to THEM and if you do things for yourself, you’re branded as a nasty evil term: “Selfish.”

The truth is, in your biology, there is no code that says you’re obligated [there’s only the genetic code ‘survival’ and ‘replication’]. Obligation, just like property/ownership/jealousy/honor/legacy/etc, are just ideas.

The other non-obvious truth is the dynamic changes with people around you when you love, honor and respect yourself. People can sense your value when you value you.

The important thing to remember is this is wordlessly communicated. People can sense this about you from across the room.

This is NOT narcissism. There is a distinct and simple delineation.

A narcissist considers themselves foremost without the consideration, and often to the detriment, of others. A self-loving, self-respecting person considers themselves foremost with consideration of others and recognizes for them to win, no one has to lose.

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2️⃣. You Have A High Regard For Your Opinion Of Yourself And Consider The Opinions of Other People You Don’t Know or Like As Unimportant

Additionally to being self-respecting, loving and honoring, you recognize that to seek the validation and to regard the opinion of others over your own opinion of you, when you don’t know or admire them, is LITERALLY insane.

It’s like asking your pet goldfish what they think of your painting, your inferring its disregard as a negative opinion, and so you trash your painting. Yes, it’s crazy.

Or it’s like having an overly intoxicated random homeless person you don’t know off the street call you slurs and its affecting you for the rest of the week. Yes, it’s insane.

While you appreciate these notions are crazy, the overwhelming majority of people give the scrutiny, comments of opinions of random people they don’t know [and worse, they don’t admire], as having importance despite the insurmountable evidence of their success already.

3️⃣. You’re Optimistic About Your Relationships With Others

You shed a positive light with your relationships with others. You have no reserved ill-will towards others or at least you don’t communicate it unless it’s warranted (and seldom is it warranted, especially not during first introductions).

Others can perceive how their relationship dynamic can be with you by having a look at how you communicate or demonstrate your relationship is with others. While it isn’t immediately obvious, we all have an intuitive sense as humans callibrating relationships with other humans, that how we do anything is how we do everything.

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4️⃣. You Have Something Going For You Other Than Them

Yes, despite what you’ve been told, this is true for both males and females… they just look and feel differently for different people.

For the masculine individual, when the feminine is pursuing him rather than other things, they becomes less feminine because the essence of being feminine is receiving.

The the feminine individual, when the masculine is pursuing her, they become less masculine because the feminine would rather follow his lead.

Regardless, it’s off-putting for both when they’re the ones being pursued. Your having things you’re in pursuing ensures several things: growth as individuals [since every success-full endeavor requires learning], and their being attracted to you (as in gravitating to you) because people love being a part of something (as opposed to subjugated to something).

Make no mistake, this applies in all aspects of your relationship, from the outset to its whole duration.

5️⃣. You’re Interested In Them As An Individual

This’ll sound obvious and weird except this is one of the few things overwhelmingly is not demonstrated through communication. I’ll prove it to you.

Every successful relationship you began and endured was because you’ve demonstrated interest in them.

Remember that people that are awful conversationalists and people you haven’t made the connection with are because they haven’t *demonstrated* sufficient interest in you as an individual.

So, when you’re meeting someone, or having conversation with someone, or connecting with your lifelong friend or partner, talk about the things they’re into by adding this ONE thing to your repertoire: Elaborate on what they talk on.

That could sound like this: “Tell me more about ____”, “How do you feel about _____.”

The opposite of that is hearing what they’ve said and then going on talking about your thoughts on it or your story about it. Those things have their place but my rule is 30-40% what you want to talk about, and 60-70% what they want to talk about (themselves).

- - - -

What do you think of that list? Do you have another you’d like to add? Let me know in the comment section below!

August 23, 2022



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