The Deepest Part of Your Psychology

How To Change Your Identity

The Deepest Part of Your Psychology

The deepest part of your psychology is your identity.

Your identity is "axiomatic" to how you experience your reality.

To have something as axiomatic means it's the fundamental structure where the rest of your logic begins.

Your sets of "identity beliefs' are where all your other beliefs about yourself and other people come from.

What you believe you can or can't tolerate about others, what you believe you can or can't accomplish, what you believe you are and are not, are all just surface-level beliefs.

For now, forget about what your current identities are. That's not that helpful.

I'd rather you CREATE your identity NOW.

Yes - just like your current and past identities were merely beliefs you've either created or worse, inherited... you can create NEW identities.

And there's no limit to what identity belief set you can create now and STEP INTO the future.

Do this: write down the person you want to be now.

Now here's the key:

Begin each belief-set with "I am _____...."

Everything that comes after the words "I am" is an identity language structure.

Change that language structure and your brain configuration will follow suit.

Over the coming days and months, you wont recognize you've already changed. This is what's referred to as self-evident.

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April 4, 2022



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