One Of Your Biggest Sources of Pain

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One of Your Biggest Source of Pain

One of the primary sources of your pain, guilt, shame or emotional turmoil is you haven't appreciated that 'authority' and 'responsibility' are the exact same thing.

How do you prove this to yourself?

Find out for yourself where you can find authority without responsibility and if it would make sense if you took responsibility for someone else's actions?

You won't find any such circumstance.

It's because authority and responsibly are conjoined and can never be severed apart.

You might say, "Well, I can take the blame for what my friend did and even take the punishment for it!", but you've only assumed responsibility from someone else.

Still, their actions were their responsibility until they've negotiated to outsource or transfer it to someone else. That negotiation then transfers responsibility.

In virtually everyone's mind, they make the painful mistake of taking responsibility for someone else's authority.

Can you make someone like you? Can you make someone hate you? Can you make someone love you? Can you make someone orgasm? Can you make your partner happy? Can you make your beloved sad?

If you answer yes to any of that, you've presumed responsibility over someone else's authority!

Only THEY can change or feel any certain way. And, only you can make yourself feel any way. The best you can do is influence them the best you can.

Remember that no one can make you feel any way without your consent.

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April 6, 2022