How To GET RID of Poisonous Codependency in Relationships

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How To GET RID of Poisonous Codependency in Relationships

An overwhelming, and the tragically inevitable outcome of virtually all relationships when it's not open is codependency.

Codependency often rears its ugly head in addiction circles where it shows up as a circular relationship where a giver has no self-satisfaction without being needed and a receiver has no fulfillment without providing, or any of that combination.

How do you know this is true for you?

You can easily check: See whether you have no self-satisfaction and fulfillment without another's participation.

Here's the tragic bit: this is endemic in relationships. It's true for virtually everyone.

So I've coined a term that guides you out of that dilemma and a 'relationship-style' that facilitates it!

The term is *Co-Independency*.

At it's essence, it's independent parties co-operating, co-habitating and co-facilitating a relationship as free-agents; as independent, autonomous individuals who persistently communicates contracts of appreciation for their ongoing agreements and holds everyone responsible and accountable for their own autonomy!

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April 29, 2022