Can You Get Rid Of Your Ego?

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Can Your Ego Be Controlled?

There's a voice inside your head that you hear which speaks with you, that isn't 'you'...

That's the voice of your ego.

It's critical to appreciate that your ego is not you...

Your ego is an avatar of you. It's an abstraction that's created when you learn language (words ARE abstractions).

So is it possible for you to get rid of your ego? Not unless you unlearn language.

In other words, you can't get rid of your ego. But, what you could do is manage it.

You can begin to control your ego by appreciating that your ego is not concerned about you at all.

Its sole concern is that it not be diminished. Its sole purpose after all, as an avatar (image/representation) of you, is to not be diminished because IT will become embarrassed.

It will tell you, at all cost, not to do risky things and try new things because the appearance of failure diminishes it!

You have to train your ego to recognize that when you do things that you like, you get results, and those results help you persistently get better.... and THAT is tremendous success.

There's, after all, never actually a good reason to be embarrassed.

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April 5, 2022