3-Step Protocol To Communicate Better

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A 3-Step Protocol So You Can Communicate Better!

I've come up with a "3-Step Protocol To Communicate Better" that you've never heard or seen before... and virtually everyone gets it wrong.

1️ - Negotiate for their attention.

One way to communicate badly is to presume their attention is granted to you.

It's *essential* you appreciate that all of communication is negotiation - at_the_very_least you're negotiating for their attention.

Do you know the death knell (the signal) of every loving relationship?

The death knell of every loving relationship is being [and therefore feeling] taken for granted.

A really great way to check whether that's gone on is if either parties in the relationship presume their attention is granted to the other.

And, it could be as simple as, "Hey baby...", or as elaborate as, "Hey, are you busy at the moment or do you have time to chat or do you prefer talking later?"

2️ - Communicate. Exchange information.

Remember, it's just information. *How* you react and interact with that information is YOUR authority and therefore your responsibility.

The grave mistake most everyone make is taking responsibility over someone ELSE'S authority.

In other words, they take responsibility for how someone ELSE feels.

You CAN'T make anyone happy, or mad or sad. Only they can do that since how they feel is their authority and therefore their responsibility.

No one can make you feel happy, or mad, or sad. Only YOU can do that because that's your authority and therefore your responbility.

3️ - Get a contract of Appreciation!

Communication isn't about talking or hearing yourself talking. It's about exchanging understanding.

That IS what appreciating is: understanding, grasping, 'grocking'.

So, we go back to negotiation skills. You can get a contract of appreciation by simply saying, "Did that make sense or is there anything I should clarify, because I know words mean differently to everyone?" or it could even sound like, "Could you repeat back to me what we talked about? I want to make sure you feel understood!"

What's your favorite way to get someone's attention?

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April 18, 2022