3 Expectations You Have to Learn to Manage

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3 Expectations You Have to Learn to Manage

There are THREE *Important* parts to "Expectation Management" that you have to be able to manage...

...and once you're able to manage these 3 things, your happiness, well-being and actualization will reach a whole new level of enlightenment!

1 - You have to manage what you expect of yourself. Expect to do the things "you would do". The things "you won't do", don't do it. You'll regret it.

Know what things you're adamant you would never do and don't do them.

Know what things you'll perhaps endeavor only in the appropriate circumstances. When you have these, you'll know what things clearly are outside those realms that you can indulge in and play full out.

2 - Manage what you expect of others. Appreciate that EVERYONE is different from you, often radically. Even siblings whom you've grown up with in the very same proximate community, can have radically different moral codes.

Be nonjudgmentally accepting that they're them and they'll do the things they would do.

There will be people you'll be put off by and you should be absolutely DELIGHTED you're not them!

3 - Manage what others may expect of you. You must be able to communicate with them, and often go out of your way to do it, so they can relax into knowing what they can expect.

Often, they will not like some of what you've got to share with them about you and that's great! They will have more intimate confidence in you and relax into being themselves knowing if you've got something you won't tolerate, you'll let them know.

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April 7, 2022