"Be A Lady," They Said... What Holds Women Back From Freedom (The Truth On Women & Sexuality)

"Be a lady, they said."

My response to a video by Cynthia Nixon on #BeALady in which she points out the ironies and inconsistencies women in our society live by.

I take you further down this rabbit hole by pointing out why these ironies and inconsistencies occur and why women can "appear crazy".

In fact, they're not crazy, although they live by illogical premises.

When you have to live in a world where it *cannot* make logical sense, it's either you feel you're crazy, or you do what's right for you and appear crazy anyway.

For more on this, read the book Relationships 101 by Rone John

What's your favorite irony in terms of "being a lady"?
March 3, 2020