Polyamory Week! Practice, Philosophy, Truth About Polyamory & Relationships

Polyamory is often misunderstood, misappreciated and seldom explored.

This week, for polyamory week, I'll do a video daily on the idea "multiples of loves" - its applicability, practice, and philosophy.

It's an amazing one.

I myself practice the old, original, form of polyamory, which is what it actually is, the practice of having multiple loves.

Polyamory is something you already intrinsically know.

It's how you are as a human being.

You've already recognized you can love more than one person. You do it all the time.

Except when it comes to sexual relationships, you prevent yourself from exploring this because of, you know it...
...social convention.
What are your thoughts on polyamory?

The Truth About Love & Relationships

There's a profound amount of misconceptions we learn - and every misconception leads to self-suffering.

In fact, ALL suffering is self-inflicted.

Remember - Pain is in the mind. Injury is in the body.

Much of the pain and suffering people feel come overwhelmingly from relationships.

This is the reason 80%+ of murders are caused by jealousy.

And so we explore the truth about these primary and non-obvious HIDDEN misconceptions taught to us without our recognizing them.

They're indeed heinous.

As you enlighten yourself in these areas, you'll find questions arise. You can comment below, or message me, or grab the book, Relationships 101 by Rone John

You'll also find yourself saying, "ALL THESE YEARS I've wasted my time because I didn't know this!"

How I Practice Polyamory

These "rules" are based on sound fundamental axioms as harmonious and happy relationships must be.

To have a complete insight into sound foundations to happy, sexy, and harmonious relationships, read this wonderful book, Relationships 101 by Rone John, on Amazon.

What do you think of the rules I talked about?

The Main Objections Against Polyamory, Answered

It's not whether someone cannot commit that they choose polyamory. It's the issue of delineating between commitment and obligation.

When you enlighten yourself with that particular distinction, your relationships will blossom.

The three main contentions against polyamory are:

1. Can't get over jealousy
2. Is he or she afraid of commitment
3. What about diseases

Follow along on the video as I go through answering those challenges so you can have happy, loving and harmoniously fun relationships.

If you want more info on this, definitely check out this book: https://www.amazon.com/Relationships-101-Forbidden-Happiness-Male-Female/dp/1514131609/

What are your thoughts on these 3 objections and of polyamory?

How To Open Relationships - Communicating Polyamory With Others

Consider These 3 Things To Be Able To Communicate "Open-ness"

1. Give people the most respectful and loving choice

2. "Frame" conversations appropriately

3. Ensure your relationships around founded on love, freedom, and non-judgmental acceptance.

For more info on this, definitely check out this book: https://www.amazon.com/Relationships-101-Forbidden-Happiness-Male-Female/dp/1514131609/
February 25, 2020



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