How To Have Your Own State Of The Union Address

How often do you review your state of union?  Here's why you should have one so you can have great relationships.

Here's my State Of The Union 'Undress'!


On a more serious note,

The idea of revisiting, appreciating, and recognizing the state of the union which you find yourself in is a wonderful one!

It allows all parties in the relationship, or within the organization, to have a feel of where the relationship stands, get a chance to appreciate the accomplishments of the organization as a whole (even if that organization consists of only you and your partner), and catch a glimpse of the vision of where the relationship is headed.

This makes for a united party and one that contributes to each other's growth synergistically.

Here are some practical applications of how you can apply this for sensual, physical, and emotional well-being in your relationship:

1. Have an open, nonjudgmental, candid communication once a month to review each other's status, desires, goals, and appreciation of achievements.

2. Revisit, reiterate, and renegotiate the rules and expectations within the relationship and the household. Change is inevitable in all partnerships and most people don't recognize everything can be renegotiated.

3. Communicate with each other that they can speak candidly without fear of retaliation.

For more ways to have healthy, well-managed, well-maintained relationships, you should go to amazon and find the book Relationships 101, by Rone John.

How will you have your own State Of The Union address?
February 7, 2020