Avoid These 3 Common Ideas Of Personal Abandonment!

These are ideas that ratify personal abandonment.

To abandon oneself is to relinquish ownership of oneself and becoming subject to the whims of other than oneself.

These ideas which are themes of personal abandonment are:

1. Settle down
2. Fit in
3. Grow up

To settle down is their telling you that it isn't going to get any better than this so you may as well give up your pursuit and settle for what you have now.

- - - - - -

To grow up is their telling you to stop having the behavior of children and become a "grown up" without appreciating the distinction between a "grownup" and an "adult".

A grown up is anyone who's aged whether or not it comes along with maturity.

An adult is one who's appreciated that to become one's own authority, and therefore acquire personal autonomy, that they must take responsibility. In essence one can be a 13-year old adult, and there are some that are 31-year olds that aren't adults since they can't take responsibility for themselves.

- - - - -

To fit in is their telling you to forego some of the things you value and believe so that you can confine yourself within the structures laid out for you by society.

- - - - -

Recognizing personal abandonment sets you up for misery, don't do it.

You never need to settle down. Make the appropriate adjustments and compromises on the pursuit of the things you'd like. Do things with reasoned confidence what you're doing is by your own estimation, right for you.

You never need to abandon your childlike curiosity, wonder, and speed of learning! Don't become a grownup. Become an adult!

You don't have to fit in, unless you're in any political situation. Be the person you are. Present yourself as you are and in return be appreciated for being you by people that genuinely appreciate it. Don't pretend!

February 8, 2020



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