Pros & Cons Of Open Relationships 2/2

Continuing from the last post, here are 3 main cons of considering an open relationship...

CON 1 - Jealousy

This is the most critical to understand since jealousy occurs in any relationship, even ones not acknowledged as a partnership (i.e. there are lots of jealous guys and gals over people they're not partnered!).

Even people that consider themselves as being in "polyamorous" and "open" relationships have jealousy.

You MUST wrap your head around the notion of jealousy...

"Jealousy" is your ego screaming at you saying, "If you gave your beloved choice, he/she might not choose to return to you!"...

...after which you begin to feel the compound of two emotions: fear of loss and rage, from the fear of loss.

And then you think about it and recognize, if your beloved wouldn't ongoingly choose you, why would you "make" them? (unless they were prisoners)

On another post we'll visit how to get over jealousy.

CON 2 - Insecurity

Because you're in a relationship where your partner is open to options, if you don't find security within yourself, it will be magnified and will be the cause of sabotage in your relationship.

It will rear it's ugly head and disguise itself as petty arguments that can't be easily fixed with simple arrangements.

And so you must recognize what security is.

Security is a sensation. Security is JUST a feeling!

There is no such thing as security no matter how many billions of dollars you have in the bank.

You can have billions in your bank and, at 54, be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. No security despite your fame and productivity.

No amount of money can protect you when you're inside of a plane crashing into the ground at 600mph.

Security is merely what you can do to survive and THE SKILL you have to influence others to help if you need it.

(continued on next post...) ⠀
January 22, 2020


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