Pros And Cons Of Open Relationships (Part 1/2)

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If you're evaluating whether to consider an open relationship...

...or if you'd like to open your relationship now...

...or if you want to learn how an open relationship is practiced and the benefits...

Here are my pro's & cons of open relationships:


1 - You get to practice the sort of love which is unconditional.

Unconditional love, is your genuine desire of your beloved's happiness intrinsic to your own (as much happiness you want for yourself).

The opposite, conditional love, is how most people practice it, which communicates to the other: "I'll love you only if you grant yourself to me exclusively."

2 - You get to live the biggest life you can.

Each party in the relationship is encouraged and insisted on pursuing the things (and people) they want, like, and desire.

It's truly founded on the unconditional love aspect.

3 - You're in a relationship with your best friend.

Presuming you're not limited to one partner and you insist on each persons independence, the only reasonable outcome is your spending most of your time with the best person to be with, which inevitably is your best friend.

Mark my words - any sexual relationship you have which you can't consider they're your best friend, can't be worthwhile (unless it's pre-arranged not to be).

(continued on next post...)

January 21, 2020