You're Obligated To Nothing

You're entitled to nothing and obligated to no one. Endeavor to be worthiful and deserving of what you'd like. Live your life based on your own reasoned ethical codes.

It isn't a surprise for most, yet it escapes them: you're born with free will. To be clear, you are born without obligation; not to anyone, not to your parents, not to your government, not to any authority figure, not to society, not to the world, not even to yourself.

That whole idea, of free-will, and not grasping its entirety, is a dominant reason for your unhappiness - people will force obligation on you, especially particularly people you love. They will use tactical emotional manipulation with precision and cause you shame and guilt and diminish your self-worth.

So, have you got the concept of free will yet? Free to live your life your way. Free to do as you please and take responsibility for your own actions. Free to appreciate the consequences and the glory. Free to be proud or to self-suffer. Free.

Another idea you struggle with is self-worth. This begs the question: worthy of what?

If you presume "you're just worthy", you've began this black hole in your existence where you don't seek to answer the question, "worthy of what?"

Stop it.

You're surrounded by "motivational" and "inspirational" people that have no fucking clue what they're talking about.

Go back to the foundations of your thinking: reason. You're either basing thoughts on reason, or being the automatic receptor of other people's reason, and you're surrounded by fools. Isn't that a scary thought?

Reason *why* you're worthy, *what* makes your worthy, and *what can you do to become more worthiful*


It's easy not to think and just receive other people's foolish excrement. Think for yourself. Remember: anything anti-mind (opposite of thinking: non-thinking) is anti-philosophy and anti-life and therefore amoral - in other words, evil.

There is one thing that separates the human from any other species: thinking. Everything else is trapped in their automatic instinct. You have thinking. You create. You manifest. You have free will. You have autonomy.

- - - - -

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December 26, 2019