How To Control Your Ego And Become The New You

You have an ego. You're NOT your ego. ⠀

Your ego is JUST an avatar of how you IMAGINE other people view you.

Without it, you'd literally be just yourself.

Since you can never get rid of your ego, grabbing a hold of it and managing it saves you from becoming insane (because to care about the opinions of people you don't care for nor admire is insanity)! ⠀

The new year brings with it an opportunity for a sense of "renew" - to bring about a newness about yourself - to re-start an endeavor or begin a new one.

At the center of everyone's suffering is their ego. You have to understand this very fundamental and important premise:

There's NEVER a need to suffer!

Suffering IS a choice (even physical pain!). In other words, when you're suffering (i.e., sad, depressed, hateful, feeling pain, agony, etc), it's by choice.

Guilt, shame, embarrassment, hate, jealousy, are all emotions you choose to have based on the thinking your persistently choosing to indulge in.

MISERY IS a choice! You can prove this to yourself by noticing people are miserable for no reason whatsoever! Some, even in fantastic situations, are still miserable! While some are happy in ANY situation and response-able!

Your ego is an *avatar* of who you are. An "avatar" is your most aggrandized, epitomized view of yourself. Your ego is only significant in that it is *how you view yourself in the eyes of others*! ⠀

For you to be able to make significant changes *for you* (rather than for how others view you - a fake persona), you must appreciate you have an ego because it is a derivative from your learning "language" (language creates abstractions [words], and on of those abstractions is who 'you' are as an abstraction), and manage it so IT doesn't have control of you, rather, YOU have control of IT!

For myself, my ego never contradicts me anymore. In fact, it's such a big fan of me that it encourages me to try everything with anyone in any situations presuming I'll succeed! And if I had that sort of time, I'd indulge it!


December 26, 2019