Your Desire To Be Pushed

I allow you to be small - yes, allow you - where you know you will be respected and your limits, held, without judgment, kept safe.

You think of us the hottest things on two feet, so even when during sex, you are called names, or fucked so hard, or pushed to take more, I know exactly what you crave.

You recognize My ferocity and appreciate you won't allow the hurt in ways you don't want to be hurt.

I will take care of everything for a while; know where we are driving. Yes - you will help pay for gas, help me decide the route, but I will drive and you will let go.

You're hungry to be kept safe and held strong and to be pushed to see that you are mighty and tender and can take yourself even further than you ever thought you could.

I can give you sensations that rough up your brain and release endorphins - and you know that I am driving. Trust that I know where we're going and when we need a rest stop.

And though I am holding the wheel, I do not for a minute stop glorying at the scenery. And you - you can let go.
December 26, 2019



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