You Are Either Cause Or Effect

If you're not the cause of your environment, you are the effect of it. You are either cause or you are effect!

Begin everything you do with this premise. In fact, make it your axiom. Stop several moments throughout the day and appreciate that you are either being cause or you're being effect. Which one would you like to be?

I'm not going to tell you to be cause all the time. Frankly, sometimes, it's good to be effect - such moments as you're in the hands of someone who can take you on adventures and emotions you'd enjoy or you're in an environment conducive to your own goals.

But, do appreciate this axiom. If you find yourself in an emotion (which is the *effect of your philosophy*) which doesn't feel good, stop and appreciate, you are either cause or effect.

You are either creating your life or it's creating you. You're either playing other people's rules or *you're* playing by yours (whether or not others play by it as well). You're either creating a wonderful space in your relationship for love, growth, and appreciation, or you're the effect of the human bad philosophies, thinking, or propaganda.

Hey, I'm not telling you which to be or what to do. Frankly, you may have not even earned that privilege yet.
December 26, 2019



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