Why Be Loyal To Yourself First

Be loyal to yourself foremost - because that's *the only way* anyone can be 'faithful' to you.

How does that work, you might ask.

Fortunately for you, that's what this caption is for - to explain stuff.

Faith; is having "belief" without requiring (in fact, denying) proof-of-evidence [therefore *requiring* having faith]

Belief; is any THOUGHT where you have EMOTIONAL INVESTMENT (which is why "belief" doesn't constitute an argument - because 'emotion' is not a tool for cognition)

Anyway - THE ONLY WAY someone can "believe-in-you-without-requiring-proof", and therefore be FAITH-FUL to you (having faith in your presentation, communication, persona) is IF THEY KNOW YOU ARE LOYAL TO YOURSELF.

Because - *only* if you're loyal to yourself will they know *what you say*, you mean.

You see, if you're not loyal to yourself, then *what you say* DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING because you have no congruency between who you are and who you say you are!

In essence, I am VERY loyal to myself and this proves to you, that what I say to you, I say, because I mean. You recognize I'm sincere. You recognize, IF I didn't want to be there or be talking with you, I wouldn't be.
December 26, 2019