When Are You "Hot Enough"?

When considering whether oneself is "hot enough", it's critical to understand, this is a completely subjective epithet which changes from person to person and even to the very person depending on the time of the month or the time in their life!

What's truly important to recognize, and is the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS is that "hot enough" or "attractive enough" is completely an INNER MATTER where it presents itself as how one appears to others as a total reflection of how one see's oneself!

In other words, IF you love yourself and you're comfortable with yourself and you're confident and appreciative that the person you are RIGHT NOW is sublimely enough for just about anyone to appreciate, YOU WILL BROADCAST THIS.

If you love yourself and you consider yourself as a worthiful and worthwhile person, people will easily adore you and value you. IF YOU DON'T LOVE YOURSELF and value yourself as a worthiful, free-willing, free-thinking individual, it's nearly impossible for anyone else to adore you (unless they themselves have some personal - psychological - hangups!) and value you, the kind which you'd like and you'd find worthwhile!

Always, endeavor to deserve what you'd like. If you don't say to yourself, "DAMN, I'd LOVE to have ME as a friend!", quickly change that, and find those things IN YOU that you wouldn't consider you'd like in a friend and purge it from your psychi!

IF you are able to consider yourself as someone whom you'd absolutely LOVE to meet and get to know and maybe even take to bed, you'll have an abundance of people giving you just the attention you deserve BECAUSE EVERYONE is looking for this mystical unicorn that takes the form of someone whom has absolutely nothing to prove!
December 26, 2019