What Love Is

Remember always what love actually is. It has nothing to do with possessiveness, and actually denies it. It has nothing to do with jealousy, and in fact forgoes it.
Love is considering your beloved's well-being, happiness, and actualization as ESSENTIAL TO YOUR OWN.
Jealousy and ownership, therefore, and in fact, is a DEMONSTRATION OF *LACK OF LOVE* as it denies your beloved's happiness and actualization - to *live their life as big as they can* with your support and encouragement whether or not it's with you.
The funny part is, once you've demonstrated you genuinely desire for their actualization and happiness without your requiring they become disintegrous (forgoing their integrity and self-loyalty by compromising for the sake of the "relationship entity"), they will soon recognize, and at that point understand, you love them, and will ongoing, persistently choose *of their own accord* to be with you despite their choices.
Always understand: anything you're worthy of never needs your being tasked and worrying, because you'll always get what you deserve. If, on the other hand, you don't feel you're worthy, it is the surest way to always fear "losing" the person to *someone who IS*

December 26, 2019



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