What I Taught My Nephew During Our Trip

This was our vacation to the Philippines. It was an awesome experience. It was a great time to get away, to reflect, to readjust ans reinvigorate our lives back home.
One part I loved about the whole thing, which was developing into the theme of the trip, was teaching my nephew some life skills that'd serve him until adulthood. I gamified it, with levels, and rewards, and incentives as he learned. We even recited the mantra every morning together while in a semi-meditation.
I taught him the "Codes of the Gentleman". Once he learned and practiced the first 5, I'd teach him the magic trick on pulling coins out of people's ears. After learning the 7th, I taught him how to pull coins out of his mouth.
Here are the codes of the gentleman:
1. A gentleman is witty, not silly. Silly is for the ignorant. Witty is for the intelligent.
2. Be the source of strength for others, not weakness. Don't bring your need, bring your seed.
3. Ask for what you want without remorse and without being dependent on the outcome.
4. Manage others' expectations of you with words.
5. Communicate your appreciation with others.
6. Love is wanting for the person's happiness.
7. Read 10 pages of a good book a day.
...the rest are kept secret.
I love how Dominic grasped and assimilated the concepts easily and even applied his own problem solving and critical thinking scenarios. He was on his way to becoming a masterful gentleman
I'm going to train on these one by one in my instagram stories.
December 26, 2019



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