Touch Of Master's Hand

"The touch of her Master’s hand,

his presence,

brings a happiness and joy into her life

unlike any other.

His voice

commands her body to do

what no other

can command her to do.

He speaks the kind of love

that only He can give.

His scent

lingers upon her memory

keeping Him with her always,

the sparkle in His eyes

when His submissive is allowed

the pleasure of gazing into Them

lingers in her memory like

the twinkling

of the stars in the heavens.

His smile

touches her within

letting her know His pleasure,

His pride,

His joy, His love,

oh but His touch,

the touch of her Master’s hand

sends a thrill throughout her soul,

a tremble throughout her body,

a quickening within her heart,

a stirring within her innermost being

that only the touch

of her Master can do.

It stirs within her the fires

of submission,

of wanting to please and serve.

It stirs within her that ancient desire

to give of her all

to the One who owns all.

- cuff's toy
December 26, 2019



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