The Truth About "Transparent Communication"

You used to imagine being sincere and being forthright and being completely honest and transparent was a hard thing to do.
This was because from when you were young, you didn't have much authority. There was always someone whom was the "authority" figure, that if you didn't please or things didn't go their way, it would almost be impossible for you to be happy since, ultimately, they provided for your sense of security.
Inevitably, what happened was, you learned that you could only be happy *when others are pleased by your behavior*
And you carried this burden through your "adulthood", still imagining that other's opinions of you, or your not pleasing them, has any effect on your sense of validation and actualization.
I'm here to tell you and imbue courage in you as you're realizing it now deeper as you're reading my words and maybe hearing the sound of my voice, as you're recognizing that you're the ultimate arbiter of your own existence, you're beginning to become free and independent of whether or not anyone's approval has any say on how you're portraying your life from here forward.
Congratulations on your new realization, on your new actualization, and the new future unfolding for you as an independent and emancipated human being.
December 26, 2019