The TRUTH About Ego

There's this notion of "ego death" or "getting rid of the ego" from many different "enlightenment" authors or some people's suggesting you take psychedelic drugs for it

But, the truth is so much more simple, and you don't need to be some shaman or Buddhist monk to become enlightened - just some reframing, irrefutable logic and inescapable reasoning.

And it begins with recognizing that we all have an ego, but we are NOT our ego.

Our ego is an entity in and of itself separate from who you are and it takes the form of who you think, presume, believe you are (your identity).

Ego comes from language. Without our learning abstractions (language), we couldn't have an ego. i.e. when a cat jumps off a couch and you laugh at it and YOU think the cat's embarrassed, that's tremendous projection on your part! The cat isn't embarrassed at all, because it doesn't have an ego. IT JUST IS.

So we come back to the notion, "I am that I am" or put more simply, "I am" - essentially meaning the ONLY moment that exists is the current moment.

The past doesn't exist outside of your imagination. In fact, in the context of world history, political or otherwise, all the past is, is what's passed down - whether or not it's what's actually gone on!

As you appreciate that the past doesn't exist at all other than what you can learn from it, you also recognize the identity you hold about yourself is completely in your imagination and remains there UNLESS and until you continue to portray and persevere that identity!

In essence, whatever or whomever you THINK and IMAGINE you are, you never longer need to continue to persist that way and can become a completely and entirely a new identity, that which YOU CREATE FOR YOURSELF.
OBSERVE your ego and what your ego tells you and GO AHEAD AND DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO ANYWAY despite the ego's conflicting with you telling you you might get embarrassed or you might make a mistake.

See, the TRUE agenda of you ego is hidden from you. Your ego doesn't care about you at all! It only cares that it NOT BE DIMINISHED!

Once you take a hold of your life, and do what you want FOR YOUR OWN REASONS, you'll begin making your ego your bitch
December 26, 2019