The Opposite Of Freedom Is

The opposite of *freedom* is serfdom - a slave (non-consensual)

To be unable to do things you'd like in fear of punishment - is what slavery is.

That's only okay in the context of consensual slavery - where one *wants* to be a slave to a Master - where the slave indulges in complete transfer of power and responsibility to their Master and a Master's accepting full responsibility of their slave - in that instance (a D/s relationship), that's hot!

But in the context of a relationship between two responsible people (where both presume responsibility for themselves), slavery is never okay and it takes the form of ownership - where one feels they cannot communicate completely openly without judgment and fear of punishment - and not only that, also being able to do as they'd please for their own self-actualization, self-growth, self-expression, and self-validation!

What kind of "relationship" would it be where you were only in it for the sake of nothing other than because you have to be, completely void of desire, chemistry, or fulfillment.

Best you cut that relationship at the roots before worse than your losing the relationship, you lose the friendship!

The only relationship which can endure is one where both party's ongoingly choosing to be with the other without needing to be and their ability to communicate completely openly without fear of reprisal and each other's allowing their partner's living the biggest and most fulfilling and happy life they can.
December 26, 2019



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