The Most Appropriate Response To Making Mistakes

**The Most Appropriate Response For Making A Mistake*
Much of what creates a profound and sinister amount of unfounded and needless suffering is one's "nominalizing" processes. Allow me to explain this, and then reveal a much better way to go through mistakes - and even ENJOY them!
Nominalization, at least when applied to neuro-linguistics, is a phenomena where you take a moving and flowing thing and creating a static thing out of it. It's something that happens because of language. But here's what this is important:
Emotion can be seen as "e-motion" or "energy in motion". Emotion is a flowing phenomena in your body. It doesn't get stuck until and unless you make it stuck - through nominalization. (Done through languag-ing)
Language creates abstractions. When I tell you APPLE, you cannot imagine an orange. It's impossible. Because those five letters APPLE creates an abstraction where you cannot imagine anything other than a fruit representing the apple fruit.
Here's where it applies: when you take the process of emotion and GIVE IT A NAME (or in this instance, an identity), you nominalize it!
Let's say have an experience and the emotion of anxiousness flows through you. When you take that energy in motion and you IDENTIFY it as "I AM ANXIOUS" or "I HAVE ANXIETY"... you've now created a stuck object out of a moving object.
What the brain now does (via the process of languaging; the structuring of language) is it ruminates the energy in constant repeat resulting in your experiencing the anxiousness repeatedly NEEDLESSLY and UNWITTINGLY.
Anyway, I just opened up a bunch of rabbit-holes for you, but without going any further, here's my process whenever I make a mistake:
1. LAUGHTER - mistakes are hilarious don't you know?
2. LEARNING - ALL mistakes provide you one of two things: either you learn from it or you die from it. If you didn't die, you learned. How wonderful!
3. PLANNING - You ensure you take your newfound learning and apply it so your next attempt results in even more learning - whatever the outcome!
December 26, 2019